Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tremendous rally in Golden, Colorado on October 29, 2016

This rally was held the day after the FBI announced their decision to re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her emails.  The crowd at this rally is INSANELY pumped and high energy.  The venue was absolutely packed with approximately 8,000 people inside.  There were about 3-4 HUGE Trump flags being waved in the audience (to see them well, watch the several minutes immediately after Trump finished his speech).  Also, right after Trump's speech was over, people were dancing to the music in front of the cameras.  Trump's speech is excellent.  Overall, at this rally there is a huge positive vibe and sense that Trump will be victorious.

Also of special note, there were several hundred people (maybe over one thousand) outside of the rally in a field listening to Trump's speech.  RSBN showed them for a few minutes (with an "inset" in the screen) near the end of Trump's speech.

Powerful and Hilarious Spoof Advertisement For Hillary: "Draft Our Daughters"

Title of video in YouTube: "Draft Our Daughters"

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

GREAT rally in Green Bay Wisconsin - October 17, 2016

Around 42,000 people watched this rally live on RSBN.  Crowd was relatively small, but EXTREMELY high energy, and downright raucous. Trump was very focused and delivered an excellent speech.  This was really an amazing rally.

Commentary on rally:

Thursday, October 13, 2016

PHENOMENAL speech denouncing "international Finance, globalism and the media" in response to false "sexual assault" allegations - Oct 13, 2016 in West Palm Beach, FL

Opening statements of the speech are a "declaration of war" against the "globalist Establishment".  The whole speech is EPIC!  He is extremely focused, and rails against Hillary and the "Establishment" throughout the speech, in an extremely serious manner (like a prosecuting attorney).  Trump even mentions "international banks" as being heavily involved in this "globalist Establishment".

I watched on RSBN, and it topped out at 39,950 views.  Others tabulated that ~150,000 watched it live on Trump's Facebook page, and that all together around 250,000 people were watching it live on internet streams alone.

Commentary on speech at Reddit "The Donald" sub.

This speech was so close to the truth, that it prompted Raw Story, Salon, and many other Leftist rags to write and articles calling it an "anti-Semitic" speech:

Raw Story: "Trump just gave an anti-Semitic speech ‘dripping with hatred’ — and the Internet is horrified"

Salon: “Slings and arrows”: Donald Trump’s thinly vintage anti-Semitism and outrageous fortune

Daily Stormer wrote an article on this speech, noting how the Jewish Establishment freaked out against the speech:

Here is an outstanding excerpt/quote from the speech:

Image macros/meme of this quote:

Excerpt from the speech with the most powerful statements against the Establishment and globalist NWO agenda:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump calls out Hillary as a puppet of a "global Establishment that wants no borders and WORLD GOVERNMENT" - Statements from Trump at October 11, 2016 Panama City, Florida Rally

This speech is a few days after the leaked "locker room talk" tape on Trump, and the day after a huge Wikileaks email release.  Trump is extremely SERIOUS in this speech, and goes over many of the bombshell revelations from the Wikileaks emails -- including Hillary's statement of "dreaming of open borders", and the fact that the Establishment media is merely "an extension of the Hillary campaign".

Trump makes an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE statement near the opening of his speech (see 1:26:45 to 1:28:30 in video below) regarding Hillary being a "vessel of a global Establishment that wants no borders and WORLD GOVERNMENT"!

See 1:39:40 to 1:42:00 in video below for segment when Trump covers how the Wikileaks emails show that the Establishment media is an "extension of Hillary's campaign".

Friday, September 30, 2016

INCREDIBLE 9-30-2016 Rally and Speech in Novi, Michigan

This is one of the very best rallies and speeches yet.  Definitely in the top 3.  This may have been Trump's most "high energy" speech to date.  He absolutely kills it the whole speech.  And the crowd is MASSIVE and EXTREMELY high energy.  The following video is shot by RSBN's camerman, and includes amazing shots of the crowd, which is in the range of 20,000-25,000 and maybe more.  Also, 26,000 people watched the speech live on RSBN's live feed alone.

Of important note, in the last 3-4 minutes of his speech, Trump IMPLORES the crowd to watch out and make sure that the election is "on the up and up" -- ie, to watch out for election theft and rigging.  He talks about it for almost a minute, and says that "no one likes to talk about it", but that it is a "huge problem".  This is the most significantly he has discussed the issue of election fraud/theft that I have seen to date.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Great Trump rally in High Point, North Carolina - September 20, 2016

As a bonus, there are 3-4 amazingly beautiful blonde girls standing to the right of Trump during the speech.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Great message by Trump in Press Conference with Mexican President (8/31/2016)

Trump already speaks and carries himself as if he is the President of the United States in this press conference.  He is 100% firm in his stance on the importance of securing the border and stopping illegal immigration.

The Last Refuge commentary:

Infowars commentary:

Excellent policy speech on Immigration in Phoenix, Arizona (8/31/16)

Trump hits a home run with this speech.  He is 100% tough on illegal immigration, saying that there will absolutely not be any form of amnesty, and that he will deport all illegals.  Additionally, and even more importantly, Trump outlines his plan to reform the LEGAL immigration into the United States - saying that the numbers and types of people allowed in must be re-examined and changed.

Transcript of speech and commentary on speech here:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Epic speech on national security in West Bend, WI 8/16/16)

This speech is absolutely amazing.  Probably his absolute best speech to date, and certainly in the top 2 or 3 of his speeches to date.

Trump basically declares open war on the Establishment in this speech.  He makes several explicit and astounding statements in this speech concerning the fact that the entire "Establishment" is opposed to his campaign -- including the Establishment media, big corporations and lobbyists, and top leaders in the Republican Party.  Trump does a good job of emphasizing that he is seeking to "liberate" the American people from the tyranny of this oligarchy, and to finally represent the will of the American people and not the elite --ie, "the media-donor-political complex" as he terms it in the speech.

One of the more memorable lines from the speech is that he "wears the opposition [of the Establishment] as a badge of honor".

Full event with speakers before Trump.  Over 250,000 views of this video as of 8/17/2016.

Here is the transcript of the speech from Trump's website.

Excerpts from speech:

I’m not part of the corrupt system. In fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me. I’ve been paying my own way. The voters in the Republican Party this year defied the donors, the consultants, the power brokers, and choose a nominee from outside our failed and corrupt and broken system.
The other party – the Democratic Party – nominated the personification of special interest corruption. The Democratic Party rigged the nomination to give it to Hillary Clinton, thus giving the soul of their party this year to the special interests.
I am running to listen to your voice, to hear your cries for help. The quiet voices in our society, not the loudest demonstrators, need to have their demands heard.


It’s time to break with the failures of the past – I want to offer Americans a new future.
It is time for rule by the people, not rule by special interests.
Every insider, getting rich off of our broken system, is throwing money at Hillary Clinton. The hedge fund managers, the Wall Street investors, the professional political class.
It’s the powerful protecting the powerful.
Insiders fighting for insiders.
I am fighting for you.
When we talk about the insider, who are we talking about? It’s the comfortable politicians looking out for their own interests. It’s the lobbyists who know how to insert that perfect loophole into every bill. It’s the financial industry that knows how to regulate their competition out of existence. The insiders also include the media executives, anchors and journalists in Washington, Los Angeles, and New York City, who are part of the same failed status quo and want nothing to change.
Every day you pick up a newspaper, or turn on the nightly news, and you hear about some self-interest banker or some discredited Washington insider says they oppose our campaign. Or some encrusted old politician says they oppose our campaign. Or some big time lobbyist says they oppose our campaign.
I wear their opposition as a badge of honor. Because it means I am fighting for REAL change, not just partisan change. I am fighting – all of us across the country are fighting – for peaceful regime change in our own country. The media-donor-political complex that’s bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by and for the people.
The leadership class in Washington D.C., of which Hillary Clinton has been a member for thirty years, has abandoned the people of this country.
I am going to give the people their voice back.
Think about it. The people opposing our campaign are the same people who have left our border open and let innocent people suffer as a result.
The people opposing our campaign are the same people who have led us into one disastrous foreign war after another.
The people opposing our campaign are the same people who lied to us about one trade deal after another.
Aren’t you tired of a system that gets rich at your expense?
Aren’t you tired of big media, big businesses, and big donors rigging the system to keep your voice from being heard?
Are you ready for change?
Are you ready for leadership that puts you, the American people, first? That puts your country first? That puts your family first?

Here is good commentary on the speech at "The Last Refuge" website.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Special Report by Alex Jones on the Reality of Vote Rigging and Stolen Elections

This is an excellent report on the fact that vote rigging and stolen elections are well-documented, and how the "big 6" media companies control a company that "tabulates the votes" and announces the winners in each state.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Donald Trump's Economic Policy Speech in Monessen, PA (6-28-16)

Another excellent policy speech.  Among other things, Trump rails against "globalism" and even calls Hillary Clinton and agent of the communist Chinese.  Well worth the time to watch.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trump's "Anti-Hillary Clinton" Speech in NYC (6-22-2016)

An excellent speech that eviscerates Hillary Clinton, regarding her many crimes and corruption.

A particularly great portion of the speech is where Trump comments on Clinton's campaign slogan ("I'm with Her").  Trump's response is "I"m with YOU, the American people" (see 8:00-8:45 in video below).

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Donald Trump Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership

Source: Trump 2016 Official Website

- JUNE 24, 2016 -


The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy. A Trump Administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense. The whole world is more peaceful and stable when our two countries – and our two peoples – are united together, as they will be under a Trump Administration.

Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people. I hope America is watching, it will soon be time to believe in America again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Excellent rally in Greensboro, North Carolina (June 14, 2016)

This was one of his best stump speeches at a rally. Trump was particularly high-energy, and the crowd was high energy as well.

 This was Trump's first rally held after the supposed mass shooting in Orlando, and Trump's speech took a more serious tone overall, with much emphasis on the need to change our immigration system and to defend the Second Amendment (gun rights).

 Also, this rally took place on Trump's 70th birthday.

I attended this rally, and can be see in the video at 1:30:40 holding up a Trump hat to the camera.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump's speech on National Security and muslim immigration following the Orlando Shooting (6-13-2016)

Probably Trump's best "formal" speech as a Presidential candidate to date, with his 5-26-2016 speech on Energy Polciy a close second.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trump - "The Last Hope for America"

Title of video in YouTube: "Trump Supporter Video - EP 4 "The Last Hope for America" 
YouTube channel: Defending the USA

Trump Chosen by God To Stop America's Destruction - Astounding 2011 Prophecy

Title of video in YouTube: "Trump Chosen by God To Stop America's Destruction - Astounding 2011 Prophecy" YouTube Channel: Komorusan714

Video description: 
Rick Wiles interviews retired firefighter Mark Taylor who was given this prophetic revelation in 2011. The Lord has chosen Mr. Trump to bring America back from the brink of destruction. Mr. Taylor wrote this amazing prophecy in 2011 giving us a glimpse of what's to come and why all who attack Mr. Trump will fall by the wayside. What's amazing is that this revelation has gone forth to thousands. The wrath of God has come not for the people of America but for the leaders of the establishment. The hour of judgment is upon them. The light has begun to shine and the darkness of evil will prevail no more.


Audio  of interview also here:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anti-Trump attack ad is so "bad" that it actually makes you want to vote FOR Trump!

Title of video in YouTube: "The Best Words"

Trump will win general election with the "Monster Vote" (ie, the 100 million people who usually don't vote)

Title of video in YouTube: "Citizen Dale: A Letter to Trump (The Monster Vote)"
YouTube channel: Citizen Dale

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am writing you today because I, like most citizens of this nation, am sick and tired of the talking heads on TV working together to brainwash us into believing that you can’t win. They are fearful because they know you’ve got the people’s vote.

In 1996, I personally talked with over 40,000 people during the volunteer petition drive for Ross Perot, remember him? People told me they were so fed up and disgusted with our inept and corrupt politicians that they refuse to vote any more. Blue collar workers suffered the most because their jobs were either shipped overseas or across the Mexican border. These citizens of the United States are too angry to vote for anyone but you. I call this huge, untapped pool of defiant voters the MONSTER VOTE.

Moving forward to 2016, the vast majority of Americans still feel powerless, unaware of the immense power they possess, as the largest voting bloc in America! If you awaken the monster vote, you will win in a landslide.

In 2012, almost five out of ten eligible citizens did not vote. That means 66 million voted for Obama, 61 million for Romney, and a whopping 100 million eligible citizens did not vote. Ironically these 100 million citizens, who typically do not vote, represent the largest voting bloc in America. They can elect any one they want to be their President and they want you! They are the MONSTER VOTE.

Right now, we’re living through a pivotal moment in history because you have America’s ear. Please tell the hard-working citizens of this country that you know who they are. 

Countless others and I wish you the best, Mr. Trump. Thank you for sacrificing your personal time and money to run for President of these United States.

With highest regards,

Citizen Dale


Friday, May 6, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says Trump was "cheated" (via electronic vote fraud) out of delegates in Arizona!

Via The Gateway Pundit

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump campaign ad: "Job Killing Ted"

Title of video in YouTube: "Job Killing Ted"

Outstanding Trump speech at California Republican Convention

A great stump speech to supporters, filled with comedy gold moments:


- "Kasich is 1 for 48...THAT INCLUDES ISLANDS" (15:20 in video)
- "Jeb....low energy, very low energy" (17:10 in video)
- (on Kasich) "did you ever see him do a news conference WITHOUT EATING?" (12:50 in video)
- (on beating Hillary) "I just look so forward to DOING IT" (21:50 in video)

and many more

Trump's MASSIVE Rally 31,000+ in Costa Mesa, CA (4-28-16)

One of the most high-energy crowds of any Trump rally to date, and an outstanding, passionate speech by Donald Trump.  One of his top 5 rallies and speeches to date.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump says "Now I have to get elected” to make sure Lena Dunham and Rosie O'Donnel flee to Canada

From a April 26, 2016 interview with Fox & Friends:

"I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will," Dunham told producer Andy Cohen. "I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there."

Donald Trump didn't seem to care much for Dunham's threat. The real estate mogul called the Dunham "a B actor" with "no mojo". He also suggested that he'd be doing the country a favor by forcing the departure of Dunham and Rosie O'Donnell, who has also threatened to leave the country.

When asked by Fox & Friends to respond to Dunham's comments, Trump said:

"Well she's a B actor, and you know, has no mojo.  No, I heard that Whoopi Goldberg said that too.  That would be a great, great thing for our country.  Oh, and Rosie O'Donnel too?  We'd get rid of Rosie?  Oh, I love it. Now I have to get elected because I'll be doing a great service to our country.  I have to. Now it's much more important.  In fact, I'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning."  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Trump campaign ad: "I Will Work For You"

Title of video in YouTube: "I Will Work For You"
Youtube channel: Donald J. Trump for President

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Due to Trump, Ford CEO reverses stance on moving jobs to Mexico, says they will stay in USA!

Trump is saving American jobs, and he isn't even President yet!

Source: (via NewsMax)

When the Ford Motor Co. decided to move jobs south to Mexico so that it could pay its workers less, billionaire businessman Donald Trump was furious. He made trade inequalities and Ford’s betrayal of American workers a central issue of his campaign.
And, without his even being in the Oval Office, it worked.
In an interview with CNBC, Ford CEO Mark Fields said that the automaker would be “here to stay.” He also said he had outlined his company’s plans in a letter to Trump.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald Trump on Oprah Winfrey Show in early 1990s is asked if he would run for President, and discusses his great dissatisfaction with the condition of the country and the U.S. being "ripped off" on trade

Title of video in YouTube: "VIDEO Uncovered Trump Interview From Over 25 Years Ago Will Shock A Lot of People"

Black police officer shocked at violent and hateful nature of anti-Trump protesters, and impressed by good nature of Trump supporters

Title of video in YouTube: "Police officer Brandon Tatum talks about his experience at the Donald Trump rally in Tucson, AZ"

Incredible Donald Trump campaign ad - Calls out Soros and other enemies of America, says he "won't back down", and that his candidacy is a "sacrifice"

This is an amazing advertisement from the Trump campaign, for several reasons. At the start of the ad, it states that Trump has made a "sacrifice" by choosing to run for President - specifically saying at the very opening of the ad, "It Began With One Man's Sacrifice", and then saying "It Became A Movement".  

Later in the ad, it notes how the entire "Establishment" is opposed to him, and specifically calls out George Soros (playing a clip of Soros). In one portion near the end of the ad, it shows a "gallery" of corporate logos of all the groups who are "destroying America", and identifies the following: Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, Soros Foundation, CNN, Facebook, Google, FoxNews, etc.

At the very end of the ad, it states that Trump won't back down and will only "Double Down".  


Title of video in YouTube: "Trump Calls Out George Soros In New Ad"

Still shots (screen caps) from the ad:

Alex Jones: Donald Trump "knows everything" about the NWO agenda and is the "real deal", fighting against them!

Title of video in YouTube: "Breaking: New Trump Scandal, Devastating Info Released"
YouTube channel: The Alex Jones Channel

Video: "Why the jewish elite hates Donald Trump"

Title of video in YouTube: "Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump"
YouTube channel: David Duke