Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Incredible Donald Trump campaign ad - Calls out Soros and other enemies of America, says he "won't back down", and that his candidacy is a "sacrifice"

This is an amazing advertisement from the Trump campaign, for several reasons. At the start of the ad, it states that Trump has made a "sacrifice" by choosing to run for President - specifically saying at the very opening of the ad, "It Began With One Man's Sacrifice", and then saying "It Became A Movement".  

Later in the ad, it notes how the entire "Establishment" is opposed to him, and specifically calls out George Soros (playing a clip of Soros). In one portion near the end of the ad, it shows a "gallery" of corporate logos of all the groups who are "destroying America", and identifies the following: Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, Soros Foundation, CNN, Facebook, Google, FoxNews, etc.

At the very end of the ad, it states that Trump won't back down and will only "Double Down".  


Title of video in YouTube: "Trump Calls Out George Soros In New Ad"

Still shots (screen caps) from the ad:

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