Thursday, October 13, 2016

PHENOMENAL speech denouncing "international Finance, globalism and the media" in response to false "sexual assault" allegations - Oct 13, 2016 in West Palm Beach, FL

Opening statements of the speech are a "declaration of war" against the "globalist Establishment".  The whole speech is EPIC!  He is extremely focused, and rails against Hillary and the "Establishment" throughout the speech, in an extremely serious manner (like a prosecuting attorney).  Trump even mentions "international banks" as being heavily involved in this "globalist Establishment".

I watched on RSBN, and it topped out at 39,950 views.  Others tabulated that ~150,000 watched it live on Trump's Facebook page, and that all together around 250,000 people were watching it live on internet streams alone.

Commentary on speech at Reddit "The Donald" sub.

This speech was so close to the truth, that it prompted Raw Story, Salon, and many other Leftist rags to write and articles calling it an "anti-Semitic" speech:

Raw Story: "Trump just gave an anti-Semitic speech ‘dripping with hatred’ — and the Internet is horrified"

Salon: “Slings and arrows”: Donald Trump’s thinly vintage anti-Semitism and outrageous fortune

Daily Stormer wrote an article on this speech, noting how the Jewish Establishment freaked out against the speech:

Here is an outstanding excerpt/quote from the speech:

Image macros/meme of this quote:

Excerpt from the speech with the most powerful statements against the Establishment and globalist NWO agenda:

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